The Essential Guide to Theatre

Theatre is an amazing way to experience stories. It can make us think about the world in new and exciting ways. But not everyone knows the story of how theatre is made.

It isn't just about what you see on stage. Many different people with different skills are needed to put on a play. And it can take them months of work before the first performance is ready for you to watch.

All About Theatre is a new book which tells the story of how it’s done at the National Theatre. Everything happens under one roof – from writing and set design to making wigs, videos and music. In this book, you meet the theatre makers. Some famous actors share their theatre secrets. Theatre experts like fight directors and prop-makers reveal the tricks of their trade. There are fascinating facts, surprising stats, and ideas for getting involved. You can even have a go yourself, with lots of activities to try at home.

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All About Theatre

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